Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ok so I have learned that not only am I a novice with crafting, but also anything with computer.  I found out yesterday that the only way I can enter some of these craft challenges I have to have a blog....OMG what a disaster that was..
It has taken me 2 days and I am still not sure what this blog is gonna look like but I guess I will work my way thru... If anybody has any suggestions please feel free to leave them.... I need all the help that I can get.  If it wasn't for my friend Tracy at ScrappinDayz I wouldn't be able to post this today. 

So please be patient with my blog and post as I learn how to navigate thru this crazy phase. 

Let me go play some more with the layout, but just wanted to get my first post out there.

See ya later


  1. i still cant click on my blog! lol
    its :

  2. by the way, nice craft room pics...wish i could click on them and see bigger though = (

    1. how do I make them to where you can click on them and look at them????